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We are a localy owned and operated establishment. Our owners are professional LGBT NWA community members who really wanted to have a fun, exciting, welcoming club and event location here in NWA where like minded folks could come and have a great time.  Well I think we did it! Come out to C4 and let us know what you think!



"Absolutely love this club! 
Friendly Staff, Great Music & Drinks! "


- Shannon


This place is a blast, went for New Years Eve and it was everything. Great atmosphere and the staff is awesome, this place is exactly what Faytown needed.


- Andrew


This was our first night here. Great layout, great DJ, great staff in general. We don't usually do karaoke but it was fun to watch others sing. The sandwich I had was actually good (yay, good bread choice!). It's a nice atmosphere even if you have friends who don't like to dance. We had a lot of fun"


- Lacy


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